Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Romantics

So I watched this movie the other day called The Romantics:

It's got Sookie Stackhouse and Joey Potter and That Guy Married to Fergie in it. I actually thought it was pretty good. It wasn't anything majorly new but it was sweet.

Basically it's about a group of college friends (who were known as The Romantics because they all basically dated each other at one point) who are reunited for the marriage of Lila and Tom (Anna Paquin and Josh Duhamal). Laura (Katie Holmes) used to date Tom. And she's the maid of honor. She never got over him. He might not be over her. Awkward!

Needless to say that that toast that Laura gives at the rehearsal dinner is awkward. But there's a part of it I really love. She talks about her friendship with Lila. I don't have the exact quote but it goes a little something like this:

We became friends. We fell in love with each other. Because that's what friends do. They fall in love with each other. And then they fall out of love. And then fall back in love. And this happens over and over again for the rest of their lives.

I think this happens with my manuscripts. I fall in love with my manuscript. I fall out of love with my manuscript. And this happens over and over again until something gives.

But we're friends, my manuscript and I. And we fall in love with each other, fall out of love, but we try and stick by each other. Sort of!


  1. So true. I love my manuscript, then I hate my manuscript, then I buy my manuscript flowers to make up. :)

    How are your edits coming along?

  2. OMG, I love this. And it's so true.

    I laughed out loud over you calling Josh Duhamal That Guy Married to Fergie. Now I have to watch this.

  3. I love being introduced to "hidden movie gems". I'm kind of a movie freak. So thanks for that, I haven't seen this one. And as for comparing that quote to writing: So. True. I'm constantly falling in and out of love with my ms. Most of the time we have to agree to be civil with each other. :)