Wednesday, November 10, 2010


32,000 words in. Not kidding. I don't how or when this happened. But it did. I had some major writing days. And now it's slowing down...

I still have no idea what I'm writing. It's sort of LOST inspired? Maybe? No? All I know is my MC is a teenage male. And a lot of weird stuff happens. But this weird stuff is supposed to happen because it all leads to something. I've got my ending. I like my ending. It's a sweet, strangely happy ending? Maybe?

I don't write in order. I skip around a lot. And because I managed to get ahead, I might use some days to finish up edits on Moon Dog. That story has really shaped up, in my humble, completely unqualified opinion. =) And perhaps I will take that draft and dive back into querying, after sending out to betas, of course!

Anyway. Rambling.

More weird stuff to write...=)