Friday, February 4, 2011

In Which I Eat Speech Sounds that Communicate a Meaning

I can't seem to find a home for this little flash piece I wrote many moons ago so I will just post it here! Plus I don't know what else to post about today! =)

On a side note: Please be careful if you are in an area where ice has run rampant. People fall. Hard. No one is invincible! Just saying...I may be speaking from experience...

In Which I Eat Speech Sounds that Communicate a Meaning

I lick the dictionary page and into my mouth tumbles glance, gland, and glans. I chomp up the letters, let them tickle and dance on my tongue, and spit them out. Onto the bleeding and muted silver paper slithers can leg, gland, and slang. I roll the saliva-coated letters around in my hands like dice, blowing into my crusty pink palms, and throw them into the air until they disintegrate into wrestling embers in the sable hole above.

A downpour of knife-edged letters strike my head like rocks pounding a deviated river and the As and the Gs and the Ls break skin and black ink jiggles free from my head wounds. I lick the page again and into my mouth plunges death and debacle and dearth and I swallow them before they can become hated or ace bled or thread or hatred. All the way down my hot and suffocated throat the letters rumble and crumble and tip and turn and high-five and cheer and now they are a part of me as my blood runs dented with permanent ink.


  1. That is wonderfully strange and just...freakin'

    I love it.

  2. VERY powerful writing. And you're right about the ice. They rarely salt the sidewalks and parking lots here in Nashville and I've known people who have been seriously injured from falling on ice.

    I gave you an award:

  3. I second Marsh - wonderfully strange!