Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet My Dogs

So my dogs are a big part of my life. I also have two cats. My house is full. And hilarious. One of them is always entertaining. I'm pretty proud of myself for being able to write with these personalities in the house.

Since I will probably mention them a lot, here they are:

Izzie and Lila
(Lila's nickname: Yellow Dog. Just a little FUNNY FARM reference for you. It was on the other day. I especially appreciate the Runaway Dog part and Yellow Dog. Lila is a mix of the two.)

We've had Izzie for over a year and got her when she was a puppy. We acquired Lila in August. She's over 2 and a sweetheart (besides the running away and not coming when called problem that we need to work out...)

Sometimes I think having them has improved my productivity with writing. I read once on Jennifer Weiner's site that if you want to be a writer, you should get a dog. Why? Discipline. Dogs require discipline and routine. I walk them every day. Feed them. Brush them. Play with them. I can't take a break from my dogs. They need me. They are part of my routine.

And if I can do all that, I can sit down (or stand up, which I sometimes do at the kitchen counter) and write. I wouldn't say I have a solid writing routine but I sort of do. I write a little at lunch but do most on weekends and in the evenings, while the dogs sleep beside me on the couch, one on each side.
The point is: I write every single day. It's part of my routine. Sure, there are breaks in routine, the holidays for example, but writing and re-writing and revising is part of the norm now. Some days it feels like a chore I need to do and some days I look forward to it. But I always do it and push through the rougher days!

I swear I get more done on days when it feels like I have no time than on days when I have all the time in the world. It's almost like I need to be forced into managing my time accurately rather than channel surf, which is what I tend to do with too much free time. It's like after school activities for kids -- I need something to fill my time to keep me out of trouble. To keep me from not writing.

So. Yeah.

Go Colts.

That is all.


  1. So cute!! I just want to squish them!lol (that's like my word for hug...I wouldn't actually squish them). I'm a big dog person.

    Also if the Texans couldn't go to the playoffs (Kubiack, you total ass) then I am all for the Colts! 'Cause I love me some Peyton Manning.

    I said I was turning into a dude, didn't I?

  2. Beautiful dogs! I only have a (wonderful) cat, maybe that is why I am so lazy :)