Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Greetings from Revision Land!

Hi! I'm over half way done with revisions on The Manuscript. I think. Way excited. Here's a secret: I am a slow writer. At least I think I am compared to what I read about other writer's finishing first drafts in 3 weeks and finishing revisions in 2 weeks. I need to give myself a month for revisions at least! Now this may have to do with the fact that I have a day job and day jobs are major time sucks. Jobs get in the way of life! I got a huge chunk done over vacation. But I'm slow. At least I feel that way.

I've got such a bad case of Revision Hair. I need a hair cut. BAD. Hair cut or revise more? Hmmm. I'll pretend I am going for the crazy frizzy Hair Woman look on purpose.



  1. Ponytails and Hair Clips. It's the only way I can

    Yeah for you on the revisions!!!

  2. Fantastic! I'vw always thought of writing as a Marathon anyway, slow and stead and all that. I begin 2nd revisions soon...submission is pushed back to February but I'm okay with that. Good luck with your edit!

  3. Revision hair. LOL!!! I haven't had my hair cut since last fall. Writing AND revising hair.

  4. Good luck! I have First Draft Hair. I keep running my fingers through it and now it's standing on end. Le sigh.