Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Hollywood...

First of all - I may have sounded whiny in my last post. Believe me, I know that things could be worse. I am very lucky and happy that the people (and pets) in my life are healthy and well. So what if the Colts lost Saturday? So what if we were stuck in the parking lot for an hour before finally moving? So what if my husband and I had a serious case of road rage when some jerk cut us off FOR NO REASON? You should have seen us. We were both FUMING. We were about to go all Bonnie and Clyde on that tool box. Karma. I hope that person gets some serious Karma.

Little annoyances keep creeping up on me and they are very annoying but sort of funny but I can deal with little annoyances. (I am rubbing off on my husband. He scratched up his car with the garage door yesterday. So something I would do!) Anyhoo. On to my letter to Hollywood...

Dear Hollywood,

In regards to this Adam Sandler movie, Just Go With It:

Are we supposed to believe that Jennifer Aniston is not attractive with glasses and a ponytail? Are we supposed to believe that Adam Sandler is not attracted to her until she gives herself a makeover (which involves letting her hair down and ditching the glasses...) This is the impression that I am getting. I hope I am wrong and this is just the way trailer looks. Because you must believe the American Public to be idiots if we are expected to believe Jennifer Aniston is not pretty because of glasses. And a ponytail.


That is all.




  1. HA! Wow. I hadn't seen this preview yet. Umm...I agree with you...

  2. Not believable at

    My husband likes to watch movies and completely ignore fantasy elements, but pick apart all the minor random parts that do not make sense. He says none of that stuff would happen in Buffy The Vampire Slayer because someone would just call the police. Completely ignoring the fact that it's a show about

    And now I'm just rambling. BTW: My new favorite movie is 'Dispicable Me'. I love it! You have to see it.

  3. Oh that's so silly! Are the movie makers not in touch with reality? Obviously they would like us to suspend reality for this one. Fun post!

  4. There are two basic principles I hear over and over again. Women are hot in clothes that show off our curves and women with long hair are hot. Not all men believe that but I've heard it said so many times, it's hard not to believe it. Glasses really have nothing to do with it -- when she walks in in that tight dress showing off her curves, she turns heads. Not that she wouldn't turn heads in her (are those scrubs) other outfit but the dress would stop traffic just's hot. Sexist? Maybe. She could turn heads just as well in figure-flattering pants or has nothing to do with the clothing as much as wearing something that shows off rather than hides.

    That's my two cents anyway! The movie looks very interesting. I can't wait to see it!

  5. Haven't seen this preview either, but there is a long tradition of glasses + pontail = ugly.

    There's a commercial (not even sure what they're selling) that makes fun of this. The girl takes off her glasses and undoes her ponytail and is hot, then the boy does the same thing and has an eighties mullet...any one know what I'm talking about? :)

    I think that we all have to accept that hollywood ugly is not ugly, just like hollywood fat is a size 2.

  6. : P It's just a Hollywood thing. But yes, you're totally right.