Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet My Cats

I completely forgot to blog yesterday. The horror! The horror! It was a massively busy day crammed full of work things and more work things. I couldn't even get home for lunch thanks to the snow so my dogs were extra hyper when I got home. But on days like that, when it feels like I barely get a moment to breath, there's nothing I love more than playing with my dogs in our snowy back yard. They are a very excellent source of stress relief, that is, when the yellow one isn't running away, thus becoming the cause of my stress. An hour walking them and playing with them wipes away the irritation caused from a day of sitting in a cubicle, hunched over, staring at a computer screen until my eyes dry out.

That being said, meet my cats. They relieve stress in a very different way than my dogs do. They are my comfort. They curl up with me on rainy days (okay, the black one isn't the cuddle type, at least not with me, but he does occasionally purr and rub on my hand to let me know he cares. A little.) Without further ado...Meet:

Loving. Adorable. Sweet. Has Terrible Balance. Possible brain damage...


Short for Ludacris. Believes he is master of the universe. May have a plot to kill me and the dogs. Adores my husband with all his being.

So there you have it. My house full of animals. I may have overdone it on the pets but I love them all! I especially love writing on snowy days with one of the cats right next to my computer. Although Salsa has a terrible habit of stepping on the keyboard but maybe she wants to be a writer herself. A little something she wrote the other day:


Beautiful. I think there's a poet inside her.

Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful cats! I love torties. My only pet these days is a black cat who sees it as his duty to ensure that I never have to write with cold feet. Cats are the best!

  2. Lovely!!! They're so cute! Oh...kitty love (We have 5. Well...I have 5. The hubs only claims one. LOVE kittehs! Hope you got lunch today!!