Monday, September 26, 2011

The Chosen One

So I have chosen a new story to pursue! HOORAY! It's a YA Contemporary Romance. I do love my dark paranormal stories, but after my last manuscript, I need something light and fun to chew on for a few months. Let's put it this way: Nobody will die horrible painful deaths in this new story. Again, Hooray!

Disclaimer: Okay - don't hold me to that. Because who knows where the story will go!

So far, I have written 7,000 words. Aw, the first 10,000 words fly by, don't they? This time, I'm writing whatever scene I want to write. It could be in the middle, or the end. I've even started writing the last chapter. You see, I have a problem with middles and endings. I love beginnings. I obsess over beginnings. But then I let the middle sag and the ending disappoint. But if I use some of that fresh energy I have when first starting a story and put that into the middle and the end, I'm hoping this might help solve my problem. So I guess you could say I'm kind of outlining. But I'm outlining by writing out the scenes. And then I'll sew them together later.

I don't know if the idea is something that would "sell." That's not my job to know that. I have no way of knowing that. All I know is that I like my characters, I like the plot, and I'm having fun writing this baby. It makes me laugh. I want to hang out with my main character. I wish I could call her on the phone. I wish I could invite her over for a BBQ. I'm still getting to know everyone else, but I'm hoping to make every single person come to life.

I love starting a new story. This one is already brightening the dreary fall days, which is perfect writing weather. I imagine I'll use November to keep writing this one, although I know that's technically cheating for NaNo. Even though this story doesn't have magic in it, it feels magical to me.


Don't you love the start of a new project, when fresh butterflies sprout within your fingertips, itching to just write, write, write?


  1. Oh, congrats on choosing! It sounds fantastic! I have a new shiny project I want to start on, but I have to finish another first. Sigh. :)

  2. It sounds like such a great story! Fall is excellent writing weather, I totally agree. I think I need to do more notebook writing, because I get really nervous to take my laptop out of my room (which I know totally destroys the point). I have a really hard time with endings, although middles are usually okay. :)

  3. That's like the book I just finished writing. It's very different and I'm not sure it's something that will sell, but I loved it, so I wrote it anyway.


  4. Stephenie Meyer started Twilight with the conversation between Ella and Bella in the field of flowers. So yeah...she didn't start at the beginning. I think that you're onto something here. I wish you much luck and much success.