Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rewriting is Not Starting Completely Over

One thing I learned during revisions this year is that Rewriting, whether only a chapter or a scene or the entire book, doesn't mean Start Over. It can sure feel that way. Yes, I'm staring at a blank page, just like at the very beginning of this journey. Yes, my word count is dangerously low.

But I'm not starting over.

Because I have things from that first draft, or whatever it was, that I didn't have before. They are in my head. I know my characters now. I know what needs to happen. But I can forget all the original words weighing me down. Sometimes I feel like scenes from the first draft keep me from improving. Because I don't want to let them go.

A blank page can be scary. And daunting. But it can also mean freedom.

Sometimes I'm scared I'm going to delete something good. And I have done this, actually. But I save everything. I don't say good-bye forever. So I can go back and fix this.

But sometimes my original draft really feels like a road block, if that makes sense. I feel like, "Hey, I spent a ton of time writing this thing. I don't want to delete a word!" But I've got to sometimes, you know! Some things don't work. They need a rewrite. But pieces of that first draft will always shine through! Hopefully, just the good parts.

A rewrite is simply reworking. Not starting over. That sounds a lot better, anyway. =)


  1. Ha! I like the way you word it. It does sound better! I have a couple of rewrites in my near future, so I'll try and remember this.

  2. It's definitely not starting over. You have the dedication already, and the characters, and the love. :) That's what matters. Reworking it is the true proof of your dedication.

  3. Think of it as modifying and polishing your brilliance! You can do this!!

  4. Very encouraging - I just started my rewrite. Thanks! Dropping in from the AtoZ Challenge.