Monday, April 18, 2011


Do you ever get book cravings? I do. Sometimes I crave something light and fluffy. Sometimes I crave something dark. Something sinister. Something clouded in death. Oh, cheery me. Sometimes I crave a quick read. A long one. One stuffed with so much beautiful language I might explode from it. Sometimes I crave The Sims Medieval. Sometimes I crave my Nook. Sometimes a real book that's been sitting, waiting for me for months. Sometimes I crave the supernatural. The realistic. The tragedy. The comedy. The short story. The screenplay. The novella.

There's very little I don't crave at one point! Right now? I'm craving something murky and dark. I've got The Body Finder waiting for me at home!


  1. I really enjoyed TBF. But yes, I get book cravings all the time. :)

  2. I crave books quite a lot, but normally what I crave is style and voice, not story. Harsh, eloquent, descriptive, snarky, sometimes I just need to hear the voice!

  3. I often have book cravings. I usually go by genre but some times the cravings are for a particular author.

  4. Oh, yes. I most often look forward to a good, delicious book that's slightly literary but fast-paced and unique. The Monstrumologist is the one that's calling to me right now.

  5. Ohhhh, The Body Finder is perfect for that kind of mood! I want to know what you think when you get done with it.

    What I read or watch is definitley dictated by my moods. Thank God for Tivo. No, really I