Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lisa Simpson Book Club

Check it Out! The Lisa Simpson Book Club! (I think my favorite one is the Dream Denied Magazine. Gee. Ever feel like that? LOL.)

Lisa Simpson and Penny from Inspector Gadget are two of my favorite cartoon characters. Growing up, I so wanted to be Penny. She had a book that was really a computer! And she was the one always saving the day. Her and the dog, Brian. Awesome.



  1. BRAIN not BRIAN. I'm getting mixed up with Family GUY? HA! Or maybe I just can't type.

  2. I have very conflicted feelings about Inspector Gadget... I loved watching the show, but I had very long, skinny arms and legs, and one day in gym class a boy started teasing me about my 'go-go-gadget arms.' Silly but at the time it was horrifying :) To this day I still cringe when I see a picture of the cartoon.

  3. Yes!!! I loved those two with their books and what not!!

  4. I never watched Inspector the first I saw of it was that horrible movie with Matthew Broderick. I don't think the movie did it justice!

  5. Hi there! I was not allowed to watch a lot of TV when I was a child (which might explain my obsession with animation and Sponge Bob now?) so I missed this cartoon. But it sounds awesome!