Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Greetings from The Ice Storm! The office is closed today so guess what I am doing? Reading and writing and reading and writing! YEAH! (*and checking work e-mail from home of course...)

It's a mess out there. And I just pray we don't lose power! Nasty freezing rain coming down as I write this. Icky stuff. I am not sure I will be able to go anywhere tomorrow either. Welcome, February. Which reminds me...

Have you read this book?

Light Boxes: A Novel


A description:

Jones's brief and bewildering war fable pursues the plight of a town battling to free itself from the brutal hold of the month of February (also sometimes a person or a force or merely a metaphor), a meanie that has not allowed its wintry grip to lift for hundreds of days. When the despairing townspeople, led by valiant Thaddeus Lowe and his wife and daughter, suffer reprisals from February and the priests for trying to break the weather, a group of former balloonists don bird masks and, calling themselves the Solution, instigate a rebellion. Thaddeus's daughter, Bianca, is kidnapped, along with other children, leading Thaddeus to plot ways to deceive February: townspeople walk around pretending it's summer and secure light boxes around their heads to simulate the sun. February, meanwhile, may simply be feeling unloved by his wife, the girl who smells of honey and smoke and who seems eerily like Bianca.

The prose is lyrical and sparse and beautiful. It's a quick read and it's one of my favorite books now. I shall read again and again and again.

Highly recommended! (Especially during February!)



  1. I'm jealous!!! I work for the State, so our offices never close for snow. It would take a major blizzard to close state offices here. I have to take vacation time if it snows and I can't make it in.

  2. Hmmm... this book sounds really interesting. I like the concept. Will add it to my list of to-reads. :)