Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So...I got a Nook Color for Christmas! It's hard to pick between the e-readers and honestly it's taken me some time to warm up to them. And I still love holding a real, live book in my hands. But...I LOVE MY NOOK. Seriously. Love it. I can't stop playing with it! It's so cute and pretty! And books appear out of thin air! With one little tap of my finger! AW! And it's all so...organized!

Here's the thing: I read more than one book at a time. I can't help it. I like to "Book Hop." This is considerably easier with the Nook. I still have random books scattered all over my house and it may stay like that for a while, until I catch up on reading all of those. But when I do, books can go on the bookshelf. My husband and my dad did build those pretty bookshelves by hand, after all! Might as well use them! (I love my bookshelf, BTW). The Nook is portable and I have this adorable case for it that says, "Choose an author as you choose a friend" - Sir Christopher Wren.

I can take more than one book with me wherever I go! Without cramming my purse until it bursts! I can take MILLIONS of books with me wherever I go, in one little device! (Okay - I am not quite up to that amount. Yet. I have downloaded two books. And tons of free samples of others I plan to buy.)

I like to share quotes from books, too. This is pretty easy to do with the Nook. It posts right to Facebook or Twitter!

There are a million ways to read and it hasn't replaced regular books. I still have a pile of those I need to read and will probably switch between the formats. Why not? Who says we have to do things one way? But...gosh...I never thought I would love the Nook so, so, so much. And it has extras! I can play crossword puzzles! And because I am so awful at crossword puzzles, it gives me hints! So I can totally cheat! YES!

My mom also got a Nook. The Nook has a little LEND ME application so we can swap books. Now not ALL books are Lend-able. But plenty are, I think. We haven't tried that out yet. Hopefully it works.

So...enough about the Nook. I like it. It's cool. So I still love the smell of old books and the feel of paper between my fingers but...the thing that really matters is the story. What I am reading. That's not going to change.



  1. That's awesome...I was thinking about getting one too, it's great to hear such a great endorsement! They're not paying you...are they? :)

  2. Ha! I realized I sound like I am being paid! They aren't, I swear. Although if they wanted to...hey...I wouldn't turn it down! It has it's ups and downs. I have to charge it and I can be pretty horrible at remembering to charge things. But the battery lasts quite a while too. And I can't trade all the books I want. So far, though, I'm liking it! =)

  3. Hey you! I can see how having a Nook would be more convenient in some circumstances, like road trips, vacations, and situations like that. I will probably give in one day and buy one.(sigh)lol

    And yes, I am back at work this week and I expected it to be boring but it's really busy! What is up with that? Killin' me!

  4. Ooh, it's so pretty! I've got a regular old Kindle and it's not nearly as fun!

  5. Thanks for your perspective on the Nook. I've been contemplating an ereader, too, and just can't decide what I want. This puts the Nook on my short list!