Thursday, December 30, 2010

EARTHQUAKE! (And more about the Nook...Just Kidding).

I live in Indiana. It is flat. There is corn. There is also a lot of pretty things like flat land. And corn. And chalk-scratched skies. And...


We had an earthquake this morning. It was all over the news and the radio. If more people were at work, I am sure they would be swapping stories. Did I feel it? Nope. But a lot of people around me did. It was in my area. I probably should have felt it. I wonder if I didn't feel it because I am in a revision daze and when one is in the middle of edits, well, every day sort of feels like an earthquake. Right? The whole world is shaking! Aw!

The way I figure it, if my dogs don't freak out, I didn't miss anything.

It also got really warm here all of a sudden. Like I don't need my winter coat anymore warm. The snow is now this mushy translucent mess. Birds are everywhere. Very odd. Could this be the end of days? Or is a little teaser? I am ready for spring now. After Christmas, I'm always ready for spring. It can come now. I welcome it, despite the oddity of its early arrival.

Something tells me this is just a cruel joke. Probably by February, the most evil month ever.

Happy Thursday! May you not experience any earthquakes today!


  1. I didn't know Indiana got earthquakes. There was one quite a distance from us a few years ago and I felt it...but it was faint. I just woke up to my bed slightly vibrating...I was sure I'd imagined it but later on the news I heard there had been one at the exact time I woke up.

  2. That is extremely freaky. Last week the temp got up to 82% and then 50% a few days later at Christmas. Thats all the freaky I can handle, if I feel an earthquake I'm heading further

  3. Hey Lisa, I am SO late on this, but I'm using the holiday time to catch up on blogs, and I wanted to say -- Congratulations on landing an agent!!! Yay!! I am very happy for you and can't wait to hear more details. :)