Friday, October 29, 2010

The Last Free Weekend

To My Fellow NANO-ers:

What shall ye being doing on your last free weekend for one whole month? Let's face it, weekends are a big deal for NANO, especially those of us who have day jobs. Those precious few days are vital in hitting word count goals!

This is the last weekend before that little NANO voice will be whispering over your shoulder every time you turn on the TV and try to chill....


This weekend I shall be watching Roller Derby! And playing computer games! And watching horror movies! And passing out candy! And cleaning! Okay. That last one didn't sound so exciting. But cleaning takes a back seat to NANO. Must get in a good scrub now. And then, on November 1, I shall dive into my new, shiny story. I'm all stocked up on Coke, tea, marsh mellows (yes, you read that right), comfy socks, comfy pajama pants, and ideas! Let the good times roll.

I'm thinking about blogging every day about my NANO experience, complete with photos of my bashing my head into the computer. Maybe that wouldn't be such a wise idea. The posting and the bashing head...Sometimes I get ideas and ambitions that are too big for me. I think: I'll do this and this and this! And then I basically don't do any of it. I am the queen of not doing things I say I will! Hence, the fact that I have yet to finish the next edit on Moon Dog. Almost there. Uh. I think. I work on it every day. But some days I quite literally only write one sentence. Go me!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. LOL. I want the pics and updates every day! This weekend going to try to squeeze in some writing between trick-or-treating and shopping!!! (and stuffing my face with candy)