Friday, October 22, 2010

Chomping at the Bit!

First of all - If anyone received a SPAM e-mail from me, I am very sorry. I do not know what the heck happened there but something got my g-mail account and sent a weird e-mail out to everyone. Including, well, agents I've queried before. I think...Crap. Way to go me. I just hope I'm not blacklisted from the publishing world now. I think I fixed it but if it happens again, I'm changing my e-mail. Hate that. So sorry!

Anyway, today I donated an arm full of books to a nonprofit agency here providing counseling, safe shelter, and education for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other life crises. They were collecting at work and asked for new and used books for adult and children. I had both!

I know it's not much. But I hope someone gets some escape from those books. I gave away some good ones, ones I enjoyed, but I knew I wouldn't read them again. Maybe someone else could get a little bit of happiness from those pages, those characters.

Is it November yet? I'm so chomping at the bit, ready to get started! I love the beginning of NANO. Oh, the possibilities. I'm going to try and finish by the 24th, before Thanksgiving. I've got a business trip on the 29th so I definitely need to be done by then. In the past, I used to try and crank out 2,000 words a day, all in one sitting to "get it over with", and I'm not sure this was the best method. The writing suffered for it, although I know GOOD writing isn't the goal. But I know I can write 50,000 words in a month. I've done it before (although I failed last year. DOH!) But this year, I'm going to spread it out, weave it throughout the day, try to get a somewhat decent first draft. This sounds impossible, right? But that's the goal! Maybe 500 in the morning, 500 at lunch, and 1,000 at night. And I'll sort of outline as I go along.

Trying a new approach!

We'll see how this goes...



  1. It's always good to have a place to donate our used books. That email fraud thing? Scary!!

  2. Happy Friday! Good luck with Nano, sounds like you have a great plan!