Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Universe? Why?

So I've decided to give National Novel Writing Month another go this year. Brand new manuscript. A dark, sad story churning in my head that is sure to leave me very depressed. Joy! Last year, I failed. Didn't make the word count but that's where The Moon Dog Inn was born. (Have I really been working on that manuscript on and off for almost a year? Yep! Still chugging along on edits...)

But I have a problem. On October 26, a mere 5 days before the start of NANO, this is being released:

Why Universe? WHY?

When I got my new computer, this game has been amazing. It's smooth and quick and awesome, works just how it should. I've been playing The Sims since high school. I've always loved it. Perhaps because I like creating stories and characters? Anyway, The Sims 3 got too slow on my old PC (but I had created a Melody Shine! Ha!) which was annoying and I lost interest for a bit. But now? Addicted again! Either I play the crap out of the pack for 5 days and switch over to writing or I somehow, someway, resist even getting it until December. BUT! BUT! BUT!


And these, I read, are Twilight-ish vampires. Sexy, cool vampires that can read your thoughts...and turn you if you so wish...


This is going to be trouble. Trouble. Trouble. Trouble.

I'm going to have to try very hard to pretend it doesn't exist until December...or perhaps, given it's called LATE NIGHT, just give up sleep for November? Sleep's over-rated right?

Le sigh.


  1. hahaahha. Ok, this is a hard decision...I mean it has vampires!!!lol

    Give up's the only way.
    And this year has gone by like crazzzyyy fast.

  2. Well you know we can always find good reasons *excuses?* not to write :) I'm going to try it this year as well, but I have my own excuses not of which include vampires LOL.

  3. The universe can be awful mean, can't it? :( I'm sorry!

  4. The universe is so cruel. Thanks goodness for Pumpkin Spice Lattes! I may need a whole bunch of them in November. Perhaps I can justify playing the game if I create my character from the new WIP? Aw, the way I rationalize...=)