Thursday, August 5, 2010

Butt-Shifting Moments

So. Sometimes. When I read a really, really good book. And a really, really good part comes up...I shift in my seat.

You know what I mean? Basically, I'm settling. I'm getting ready to...READ MORE. BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP NOW.

The Hunger Games, for example (pretty much at the end of the every chapter) I shifted. Not just to get comfortable. Not to keep the blood moving. But because I was excited. I was scared. I was...something!

I love butt-shifting moments.

Sometimes, these moments turn into Freezer Moments. Moments so scary or heartbreaking that I want to put the book in the freezer (like Joey from Friends). The Loop. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The Hunger Games. The Smoke Jumper. All of these books had these moments for me.

I love it when I get these butt-shifting moments when I'm writing. Sure, they might not translate that way for the reader but (butt!) they are sooooooo FUN! Who knew scooting your booty could be such a blast? Just a little scoot. A little lean. A little something my body does to react to the scene. A sign that something is...happening. A sign to keep going. Keep reading. Keep waiting for more of those moments!

This is why I write. Butt-Shifting Moments.

Pure and simple!



  1. I love that idea! I like when I'm writing a tense/scary scene and I actually feel anxious for the characters. It makes me laugh--such a dag.

  2. That might be the most awesome, insightful idea yet. I know exactly what you mean and that is why I write too. The butt shifting moments.ha I will never forget that, Lisa. Awesome post!!!