Monday, July 12, 2010


Genres. Categories.

I've been reading a lot of YA contemporary lately. And I realized that the way bookstores are set up, I could have easily missed out on these.

I didn't set out to write YA. Basically, I had an idea for a book. It was sort of autobiographical. And after doing some research, I realized it probably fit into the YA category. And I researched more. And more. And found such incredible books in this category that I might've never read had I not been writing. And I just kind of stayed there.

But when I went into any bookstore, I didn't go to the YA section. Nevermind that now-a-days that section is basically Twilightland, a sea of black T-shirts and water bottles. But even before that, I felt like it wasn't for me, for some reason. Even when I was in high school, I stuck to adult books. But I was so, so wrong. My favorite books could be considered YA. Catcher in the Rye. The Bell Jar.

I might have never read John Green. Or The Hunger Games! Honestly, I think that section turns some people off. I didn't feel like I was too good to read any of that stuff, I guess I just felt like it wasn't for me. Like I wasn't SUPPOSED to venture that way because I no longer held TEEN in my age. This makes me sad to think about.

The other day I was in Borders and PEACE, LOVE, AND BABY DUCKS was out of the YA section and on a Great Summer Reads Display. With adult books. This made me so happy! Because maybe someone older might pick that up and enjoy it! Or someone younger. Anyone, really! Why discriminate? BTW - Great book. Especially if you have a sister, pick it up.

I understand why we have genres. Marketing. Target audience. Believe me, I get that. But it makes me wonder how many great books are scooted under the rug because of where they sit.

Now I find most books on Amazon. Usually through word of mouth and I know what I'm looking for, but also through the suggestions on Amazon. I'm always looking for something new. Something I've missed. It makes you wonder how people decide what to read.

I recently discovered THE SPECTACULAR NOW. Which has been added to my pile. How did I miss this one? Looks like something I would love, love, love.

Just a thought. Just thinking back to how this crazy project of mine began.

Happy Monday!


  1. I've always read YA, but I've always read adult books too, so I never really got why people would read from one section and not the other. But I tend to stick to YA these days in bookstores because I can never tell where they've shelved things in the adult fiction. Sookie Stackhouse, for example, is in the Mystery section instead of Sci Fi/Fantasy.

    Anyway, I'm glad you found the YA section. :) And I agree that it's sad that books get passed over simply because of where they're shelved. Have a great Monday!

  2. Happy Monday!! I have always read everything but it has been mainly word of mouth that has gotten me to read some really great YA books. So grateful for that.

  3. I didn't discover YA until a few years ago. When I was a teen I was reading Wilbur Smith. Go figure.

    It always makes me smile when I find myself in the YA section at Borders with a couple of sixteen-year olds. They probably think I'm some weird adult that got lost and wondered into their world. Little do they know they are in the presence of future superstar. Lol!

  4. The good thing is I LOOK like I'm sixteen. So I can totally hang out in the YA section without fear of judgment anyway! Sweetness! =)