Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Person vs. Third Person

I've been reading a ton of YA Contemporary lately. Some really great ones like 13 Reasons Why, Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks, Story of a Girl, The Disreputable History of Frankie Laudea-Banks, and Cracked Up to Be.

So great.

Only one of these is in third person.

The others waiting in the pile are first person. That's a lot of first person.

My current WIP (44,000 words now!) is in third person. But now I keep slipping into first. Because of what I'm reading? Or because that's how the story should be told? Ugh. I don't know. I can never figure this part out. I'm keeping it as third person, for now, at least until I get plot details nailed down. I'm not afraid to change it. Or too lazy. It just would've been nice to get that piece of info in my brain earlier. Aw well. I wanted to try a new point of view. And I did. It seems to be working, but it might change. Talk about an overhaul. We'll see. I'm not touching anything yet.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Yes, wait! Maybe first person is getting a little overloaded and a third person YA is just what agents will be looking for when you are done! Also you might feel differently once you start reading that one book you have in the third I need to experiment myself with pov's.

  2. I say just go with your gut. There are plenty of awesome 3rd person books out there (Wake, The Mortal Instruments etc). If you feel it's best to stay in 3rd do it. If not, change away.

    My WiP is in present tense and I keep slipping into past which is odd because sometimes when I write in past I slip into present!

  3. I know! I'm staying as is for now. I think it might be what I'm reading slipping into what I'm writing. Only some time away from the manuscript could tell for sure! Thanks!