Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I watch The City. And, yeah, I might, possibly watch The Hills before it, although I don't find it nearly as interesting.

I think I like The City more because the characters on the show actually have jobs. They work. I'm not sure what the people on The Hills do other than wine and tan.

Anyway, I've really enjoyed watching Whitney's journey as she tries to establish herself as a designer. Now, yes, I know, the fact that she is on the show gives her a massive leg up. She has a fan base already which is helpful and I'm just waiting for her YA book deal announcement.

But on last night's episode she faced some criticism about her collection. She responded in a way that I have before. She said something like:

"I don't know how much more criticism I can take before I can't handle it anymore. I don't understand how I can love something so much and no one else gets it."

AW! I have felt that way soooooo many times. No, I am not a fashion designer, I pretty much dress like a bum most of the time, but I could totally relate. Big time. I love my story. I love my characters. Why does no one else love, love, love it like I do?

It's frustrating. But, as I saw on the show, this is obviously something all creative people have to deal with at one point.

Le sigh.


  1. I don't get it either. But then...I do love your story. Maybe everyone is nuts but us?

  2. Thank you! Love your story, too. =)

    Yep. Everyone else is nuts. That must be it!

  3. Haha, before reading Marsha's comment, I was so going to write "But I love your story, Lisa!" See, that's 2 people who love it! And we sincerely mean it. :)

    I think it's normal for writers to go through this kind of doubt. I have faith, though, that you'll find an agent or publisher that will absolutely fall head over heels for your work.

  4. Thank you! This is why I love critique partners. Not only do ya'll point out the flaws I need to fix, but you lift me up when I'm feeling down! You guys rock.=)

  5. I think we've all been there. Publishing is SO subjective. During the submission process I've had a whole range of criticism and compliments. one person think my story is wonderful and that the voice is brilliant and the next will say it's cliche and the voice is off.

    But that's how it is for us as readers too, right? I may love a book that my best friend things is tripe.

    I hope you can connect with people who love your work.