Friday, March 26, 2010


Hi! So I had this blog a while ago. I started it thinking I might be writing about my road to publication. HA! That didn't happen. But lately I've found myself lurking around the writing blog-o-shere. I love seeing people's successes! So I'm back!

But this blog isn't about getting published. It's just about writing. Because, no matter how horrible I am, I can still put words to a page! No one can stop me from doing that!


So here I am. To write about writing. I'm just not so sure about the publication thing anymore. Some things aren't meant to be! But I'll keep trying to improve my storytelling. That's all a girl can do!



  1. I think what we all find eventually, when we love to write, is that writing is the journey...publication is the destination. But the fun is in the journey. Publication feels great but does it make us any more of a writer? Maybe in the eyes of non-writers but for those of us who truly love two write, it's about doing something we love...and doing it for ourselves.

  2. Amen! Congrats on the agent by the way!