Monday, March 29, 2010

Hippo Dung

What do I love right now? The Discovery Channel's LIFE. I was captivated last night watching various fish live their lives. All sorts of fish. Flying. Mudslinging. Rock-climbers. Fish that eat hippo dung.

Yeah. It's awesome. Check it out.

The rock-climbing fish reminded me of writing. These little fish from the ocean climb up walls to try and get to the safe and beautiful springs in Hawaii, away from predators, where they can just basically chill and lay eggs and eat and live it up. Wouldn't that be nice. But not all of them make it up the slippery rock. Many fall down. In fact, most do. Let me tell you, I totally felt like those fish that went plummeting back into the predator-filled waters. Only a lucky few make it to that sweet spring known as publication!

Le sigh.

At least I don't have to eat hippo dung for nourishment. Bright side, people. There's always a bright side.


  1. Really interesting! I didn't know fish could climb.

    Keep climbing, okay? We all fall. I do several times a week. I wonder if the fish at the spring have harrowing stories.

    "Oh yeah? Well I climbed that #*$& wall 700 times!"

  2. But we keep climbing back up again. I've fallen a few billion times myself! It's that perseverance that makes all the difference.