Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Moon Dog Inn Snippet

I really like to share my writing. I do. Even if someone hates it, I like to put it out there every now and then because, well, just because! Perhaps this is why I am pursuing (whoa, it took me a minute to remember how to spell that word) publishing! Sometimes it can feel like everything is so secretive in the writing world, so here's my heart on a platter. Just kidding.

Here's a little snippet of The Moon Dog Inn Rewrite:

Chapter One

The purple man standing on the other side of the desk smelled like peanuts. As he yawned, revealing his sharp teeth, I tried to swallow my panic. I was deathly allergic to peanuts. The smell alone triggered symptoms, although Ma would say it was all in my head. But I felt the hives forming. I felt my throat closing up...

"Excuse me?" the purple man asked, tapping his fingernails along the wooden desk. His touch scattered glitter across the reservations book. "Can I please get a room sometime before the sun rises? As you can see, my glamour has faded, and I would like to keep my head, thank you very much."

I coughed and brushed the glitter away, plastering on a smile to hide my annoyance as I opened the dusty book and checked for his name. Ma would call me a terrible actress. When I'm irritated, it's written all over my face, no matter how hard I try to hide my feelings, and guests don't like to know how annoying they are. Ma, on the other hand, parades around here with an air of happiness despite the werewolf hair constantly clogging the shower drains and the smell of blood-flavored pillow mints hanging around the storage room. Her attitude, while comforting to our often running-for-their-lives guests, makes me wonder how we could possibly be related. But the guests love Ma. I guess that's why she has won employee of the month every month for all seventeen years of my life. That, and I'm her only competition.

I swiped a silver key from the wall behind me, and said, "You've been upgraded to The Fairy Suite this evening, Mr. Tinkerbell." His name, I hoped, was a cover. "There will be no additional charge."

"But I requested a standard room," Mr. Tinkerbell said, flapping his purple wings. Glitter flew everywhere. As he leaned across the desk to get in my face, the smell of peanuts caused my throat to close up again. "I don't need special treatment," he spat. "Do I look special to you?"

For a fairy, no, he didn't. Bright, colorful skin. Glittery wings. Predatory teeth. A sharp dresser, wearing a pin-striped suit and a silver tie. Glowing, yellow eyes that gave me the chills. He also carried a complex many supernaturals had these days. Supernaturals wanted to be normal. They didn't want special treatment. They didn't even know how lucky they were. What I wouldn't give to trade my average, frumpy looks for a pair of wings and purple skin.

"As you are probably aware, sir, there was a full moon last night," I replied, as calmly as I could. "Your standard room is no longer available, unless you like your furniture shredded by cranky werewolves, in which case, sure, you can have your original room. Be my guest."

The fairy backed away, and tilted his chin upward. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a half-empty bag of peanuts, popping a few into his mouth as if they were pills. He chewed obnoxiously and shrugged. "I supposed the suite will do, " he murmured.

Damn right.

As he followed me down the maroon-carpeted hallway, candles flickering along the stone wall, a chill rubbed the back of my neck. I shivered and pulled the sleeves of my over-sized sweater over my hands. The Moon Dog Inn had a serious draft problem because the various creatures who stayed here all enjoyed damp, cold places. Probably because they were forced to hide in them to avoid the hunters. As I opened the door leading to the basement, where all of our suites resided, the fairy decided to speak to me.

"Why do you dress like that?" he asked, practically breathing down my neck. "You've got curves, girl. Show them off."

It took all of my will power not to slug him in the face.


  1. You know I love this story. So glad you're not giving up on it.

  2. Love it, but you already knew that!