Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Draft Done! Kind of!

Okay - so I'm not technically done with the first draft. The ending's still not written. And I'm only at 43,000 words. BUT. So much has changed about my world. It's taken me some time to understand how it works. I think I have a better grasp on it now but I want to go back and start editing that stuff in, cutting old stuff out, etc.

First Draft: Take 2.

Or I guess you could call it a Do-Over.

Yeah - I have saying that: Do-Over. Rewrite. It sounds so daunting. But I can do it! I've got the characters in my head now, the world. Do you want to know what the Core of the story is?

One word.


Have a good one all! I may be in and out of the blogging world. I want to nail this story, guys. Seriously. I love it. I think it could really work. I'm not an agent or an editor or anything so that may be my delusions talking. But my delusions keep me going sometimes. Don't judge!


  1. Your title almost gave me a heart attack! I thought we were on a June I have 20,000 more words at least and like a week to do it.

    I know your's is going to be great!

  2. Your enthusiasm is infectious :) Have fun writing!

  3. Have fun writing - and good luck!! :)