Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Shiny Idea

So we all love Shiny New Ideas. Things that suddenly push aside our current WIP and scream LOOK AT ME!

But like the good little writers that we are, we know to not always be so distracted by Shiny New Idea. We have work to do on WIP. So, during these are times when we resist temptation, we tuck Shiny New Idea into a drawer and work on WIP.

And so Shiny New Idea transforms into Shiny Old Idea.

I like Shiny Old Idea's. But they can be just as distracting! Like...why haven't I written this yet? THIS MUST BE WRITTEN NOW!

Well, anyway. I have no news to report. I feel like I'm getting pulled into a million different directions and I'm just standing still and...I don't know.

In kind of an odd mood today. I blame it on Shiny Old Idea.


  1. Sorry to hear that you are being pulled in a million different directions. :/ Here's to wishing you some organizational success in the future. Oh...and a random thought...I actually know people that have trouble coming up with even one original idea. So take comfort that it is wonderful to have a headful of so many distractions :)))

  2. Shiny New Ideas are the bane of my writing career! They are forever distracting me. Although, I've actually been pretty focused with The Silagree, so maybe I can hold out?