Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Gonna Go All Medieval On Your...

I'm pretty sure the makers of the Sims 3 franchise plan the release of their new games around the worst possible time for me to play it.

Last time, they released it on October 26 or something like that. Right before National Novel Writing Month.

Now. They release it while I am in the middle of my edits. OF COURSE.

There are WITCHES. And QUESTS.


It will be reward for finishing the edits. And making me story pretty.

I will not get it until I AM DONE.



  1. I've never played Sims but I might be into a midieval version...also the commercial is pretty funny. Good luck holding out with your will power!

  2. That's very smart of you to put off buying the game until you finish your edits.

  3. I have a problem with Sims. Love it. Can't play it because I'll get addicted. :)

  4. I've never before been tempted to play the Sims until I saw a commercial for this version. Now I think I have to avoid it because then I'll just get less work done than I already do.

    M.J. Fifield
    My Pet Blog