Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chapter Titles

Some books name their chapters. Some just number them.

This seems like such a minor thing but sometimes it really bothers me. If I name my chapters, I think I lose some focus sometimes because I'm trying to stay true to what I name it? Or something? I don't know. But in my latest edit, I am just numbering them, concentrating on hitting an emotional note for each chapter. Just trying to make it flow more easily because it gets kind of choppy at times.

And I feel better about this round of edits. I think that has something to do with the weather, which is finally kind of glorious.

Yesterday I sat at my kitchen table as a soft breeze blew through the screen door. It was strange. I guess I really felt like, I don't know, a writer. Sitting in the gentle glow of the approaching evening. Starbucks coffee cup to the right of my computer. A black cat to the left. My eyes squinting at the tangled pages in front of me while somewhere outside dogs barked with glee and strollers scraped against sidewalk.

It was just so...oddly peaceful.

If only things were so peaceful for Leslie Lee Baker...=)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Fact about me: I am not Irish. I am Welsh!


  1. Loved your day at the table. Heading for my sun porch in a bit.
    As a rule, I don't red chapter titles because it breaks the flow of the read.
    That's just me.

  2. I don't name chapters either. I don't mind them when I read but you are right, it's a little distracting when I write.

    The weather is awesome and it puts me in such a good mood. Is it possible to be weather bi-polar? I am.

    I am also Scottish. But I don't think St. Patrick would mind if we

  3. I like putting names to chapters. I draw the line though at anything more than that ala Frank Herbert and "Dune". It was just way too much to start each chapter of Dune with some quote from someone I'd never heard of.

  4. I don't name my chapters often, although I did for one book I started (but didn't finish). I agree--they can be a distraction from the actual chapters themselves.

    The weather's making me feel like that, too. It's finally sunny and warm out there. :)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you as well! And you ARE a writer, which makes those moments feel so great. Like, 'Oh yes, this is why I'm doing it. Awesome." :)

  6. I usually don't name my chapters, but for my current book I just seemed fitting. Glad your edits are going well!