Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Still Here

Hi! I'm here. Just got back from business trip. Sounds fancy. It isn't. My car battery died last night. I have jury duty next week. Painting bedroom, resulting in a mess of a room. Laundry piling up. Pet hair piling up. Blog reading piling up. E-mail piled up. Books to read. Christmas shopping to do. Yep. That kind of time.

In other news...

I won NANO! Yeah! 50,000 words, barely. I got it in before my trip. Yeah! Time to let that manuscript sit for some time. It was a fun one to write.

Holla. I'm alive. I'm alive. I'm alive. And wiped out. Must use weekend productively...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. So awesome that you won Nano, I'm jealous. I'm looking forward to the weekend myself. And right now I'm spending 2 hours online! Woo hoo!

  2. Congrats on winning NaNo. I only made it to 32k before the ms and I had a fight. BUT I have started to work on The Silagree again...

  3. Congrats on Nano! I missed you! I was about to launch a search party. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!