Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So I don't think my last post posted right, so I deleted. Nothing special anyway! But this one is! It's about the voices in our crazy, writer heads!

Admit it, we've got them. Some are bad, bad, bad. But some are good! I think I've sorted mine out and know which ones to ignore and which ones to consider listening to.


SUCKAGE VOICE: "I suck at writing and I shouldn't do this and I'll never get any better..."

GREEN-EYED VOICE: "So-and-So Author/Writer is so much better than me and I would be happier if I had her book on...Why can't that be me?"

NO ONE IS GOING TO READ THIS STORY VOICE: "Why am I writing this? No way anyone will want to read it! It has no vampires in it!"

WHAT'S THE POINT OF WRITING THIS IDEA VOICE: "I should test the waters first. Query early before polishing to see if the idea is even worth pursuing anymore..."

MY FAVORITE AGENT REJECTED ME AND NOW I MUST QUIT VOICE: "If X Agent doesn't like it, no one will!"

MUST WRITE A BOOK THAT MATCHES WHAT IS ON THE NYT BESTSELLER LIST VOICE: "This type of book is what is selling...I must write something similar!"


DON'T SELL OUT VOICE: "Don't write a story in a way that doesn't fit you just because it's what is popular. Go with your own voice and your own style! Don't sell out!"

DON'T QUERY EARLY VOICE: "If you query early, one of two things will happen: You will get a request and you will send crap work. Or you won't get a request and your passion for your story could be in jeopardy as the SUCKAGE VOICE takes over...wait until you are done with your story and ready to move on to a new one to send out."

IF I LIKE THIS, SOMEONE ELSE WILL LIKE IT VOICE: "If I love this story, someone else will. Somewhere. Out there. Keep writing. You might learn something."

Finally, this is what I call THE TINGLES SILENT VOICE: .........................This is just a feeling in the pit of your stomach. One that can't really be described but you know you're so in love with your story that you've got to keep writing it, even if just for practice. (This is how I feel about the YA Contemporary I started a few months ago.)

So that's it! Sort out your voices, dear writers. Know which ones to throw away and which ones to treasure. The bad ones--in my case--out weigh the good but I'm pushing them aside and moving forward.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. This is so true! Ignore those bad voices. I think one of them may be my Ok, not really. Rejection has to be the hardest, especially when it's someone you know you could have a great relationship with. But look at each one as a learning experience! And eat really helps.