Thursday, August 19, 2010


As I continue to work on edits of Moon Dog, I'm learning more about my bad, bad habits.

First of all, I group adjectives in three.

But I am also guilty of...get ready for it...

The Info Dump.


The long passage of back story/information that's sole purpose is to provide info. It stands out. I didn't realize just how guilty of this I was. But now that I see it in one area, I can see it in others. I can trim and cut. A LOT.

Instead, I need to sprinkle little pieces of back story throughout. A little here. A little there. Reader does not need to know everything up front. In fact, Reader does not need to know everything period!


There's such an art to it. I'm struggling. But I've got to cut, cut, cut out these huge chunks of ramble. Even if I like the passages, they bring the story to a screeching halt. And with a murder mystery such as Moon Dog...this is very, very bad. It's all about moving the plot forward.

Lesson of the Day:


Happy Thursday (It is Thursday, right? Head is foggy...)


  1. Congrats on figuring things like that out! I always have a hard time pinpointing my bad habits, I need other people to point them out. It's a fault I'm working on. :) Happy Thursday!

  2. It's so good when we can find out where we need improvement and look objectively! I tend to be an adverbaholic, so that's where I'm working! :)