Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Projects

Hey, Butler played a great game. Maybe next year. This time the giant wins again. Boo.

I've been thinking about my next project. I've been bouncing around with several ideas that range from YA Paranormal again (this would be my third go in this genre) to YA Contemporary Romance to YA Romantic Comedy to Women's Fiction to Middle Grade Fantasy to Middle Grade Contemporary...I'm all over thee place. I wouldn't mind trying a Horror novel either. I love Horror.

As I revise my last project, basically just picking at it, and write a screenplay for The Frenzy, I can't decide what I want to do next! I'm having a blast with the screenplay which I'm pretty sure I'm behind on according to the page count. I need to write 3.3 pages a day. I'm at 15. Maybe just a page or so behind, not counting today. I am not surprised by this. I tend to think bigger than I can actually do. The screenplay is quite a mess but I think I like writing that way. Just get it out. Get the events on the page, hit the main plot points, and worry about editing later. I've always struggled with this as I want to pick, pick, pick as I go along.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this month. I love the weather. I love the weekends. And I love the possibilities that come with a new story.

The air tastes berry-sweet these days. I really can't complain.


  1. I vote for horror, but then, I ALWAYS vote for horror. ^_^

  2. Yay for new projects! I'm ALWAYS thinking about future projects but I too struggle to pick the next one.

    I hate decisions.