Monday, April 12, 2010


Does it matter what font you write in? Does that somehow effect your writing?

It seems like the last thing I should be worrying about. And I'm not really worrying, really, but during my massive rewrite I switched out of the oh-so-boring Times New Roman. It's much more fun now to look at the words.

But when I send this puppy out for people to read, I'll switch back to the standard. I just can't stand looking at Times New Roman anymore. I feel like I'm writing a term paper and maybe that's why my writing isn't engaging enough.



  1. I only care about font when I'm officially querying/submitting somewhere. Otherwise I have fun. My main text is still in Times New Roman, but I get creative with my chapter headings. :)

  2. (P.S. I always write single spaced and then convert it to double for the same reason -- because it makes me feel like I'm writing a college paper. No fun!)

  3. Hey, whatever helps! I'm a big fan of Garamond myself:)

  4. I always write in different fonts. I can't start work on a new ms until I find the right one, but I always switch back when querying.

    My current WiP is written in Baskerville Old Face.

  5. Lisa,

    I came over here from Shelley's blog, and yay I'm your fifth follower! I'm the opposite, I guess. Fancy fonts distract me beyond belief. It's plain ol times new roman for me!


  6. Shelley - Ooooo. I will have to have fun with my chapter headings now. I foresee yet another procrastinatory outlet on my horizon...

    Natalie - Exactly. Whatever makes the headache go away and the creative juices flow!

    Jade - I think I'm going to change my current WIP's titles to Baskerville Old Face. =)

    Karen - WELCOME! One day, I hope I will make double-digits with my followers. Half-way there thanks to you!